Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Photographer's Ephemeris | Plan your shoot

The Photographer's Ephemeris | Plan your shoot: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Friday, January 22, 2010

CHDK (Canon™ Hack Development Kit) User Manual for Canon Powershot Digital Cameras at CHDK Wiki

CHDK User Manual - CHDK Wiki
"Introduction To Using CHDK

What is CHDK?

CHDK is a unique software application developed by enthusiasts that enables extra features for ported Canon™ Powershot™ cameras.

What can it do ?

CHDK enhances the capabilities of your camera in a non-destructive, non-permanent way. After loading CHDK, your camera will have the following extra functionality:

* Shutter-priority (Tv) exposure - via shutter value override feature
* Aperture-priority (Av) exposure - via aperture value override feature
* Shooting in RAW, with RAW Average, RAW Sum, and RAW Develop features
* DNG (Digital Negative) in camera conversion, and USB download options
* Bracketing -Tv, Av, ISO, and Focus bracketing, using scripts, or in continuous or custom timer modes
* Live histogram (RGB, blended, luminance and for each RGB channel)
* Zebra mode (a live view of over and under-exposed areas of your picture) for many cameras
* Depth-of-field (DOF)-calculator, Hyperfocal-calculator with instant Hyperfocal and Infinity focus-set, and more
* Battery indicator
* RAW and Video space-remaining gauges with custom low-limit alerts
* USB cable remote shutter release
* Motion-detection trigger - automatically fires camera on motion detection. - Ability to capture lightning strikes.
* Adjust Video quality and size (compression) adjustable while recording
* Elimination of 1 Gig video-size limit (for most DIGIC II cameras)
* Zoom during video function - for cameras without this feature
* Shutter, Aperture, and ISO Overrides
* Ultra-long shutter speeds - up to 64 seconds - and much longer for supported cameras
* Ultra-fast shutter speeds - up to 1/10,000' and higher
* High-speed Flash Sync at all speeds up to 1/64,000 second
* Custom user-editable visible Grids for framing, cropping, and alignment (not all cameras)
* File browser
* Text reader
* Calendar
* Games
* Fully customizable CHDK display, info placement, user-colors, fonts in menus, etc.
* Multi-language Interface - CHDK supports many languages
* Custom CHDK User Menu - for instant recall of up to 10 favorite functions
* Scripts execution - including intervalometer, motion detection, etc
* And many others.

How is all this possible?

Firstly, by the the skill, persistence, and generosity of the Developers, and other contributors to the CHDK project.

Secondly, in the same way that your computer hardware runs an operating system, such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, your Canon camera also has an operating system in it. And in the same way that your OS runs Photoshop or Zoombrowser on your computer, the OS in your camera is also able to run programs such as CHDK.

Does CHDK permanently alter the camera?

No. CHDK is simply software. Just like your computer, when the camera is turned off all the software disappears from memory until it is turned on again and CHDK is loaded again. Also like some software, there is an option to automatically start CHDK when the camera starts.

How does CHDK get on the camera?

In the same way that you install Photoshop or Zoombrowser onto your computer (by copying the software onto your hard drive,) CHDK is installed by copying the CHDK software onto the camera’s 'hard drive'...the SD flash memory card.

How does CHDK software get copied to the flash card?

You can copy software to your SD flash card using a file manager such as Windows Explorer. A card reader must be used to connect the SD flash card to your computer. Once connected, the SD flash card appears like any other hard drive on the computer. Your printer may contain a usable card reader. Card readers are fairly inexpensive, and can simplify transferring of files, although given the right file naming, files can be transferred via USB. See:- Raw Parameters, and DNG visible via USB.

Where is the CHDK software?

Visit the Wiki Downloads page to find the correct CHDK version, Here:- Downloads. There you will find directions for locating and installing the software."
Go to CHDK User Manual - CHDK Wiki for more.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Nat Geo Relaunches Site With Open-Source Spirit :: MinOnline

Nat Geo Relaunches Site With Open-Source Spirit :: MinOnline
"One of the most lush and visually appealing magazine branded sites on the Internet got a refresh when relaunched this week. The site is focusing on the core elements that bring users to the brand online: photography, animals, environment, adventure, travel, video and daily news, the company says."

Moon Photo taken Freehand at 20x Optical plus 60x Digital Zoom = 80x Zoom with a Canon SX 10 IS by Andis Kaulins - strongly JPEGGED for the web

Moon Photo taken Freehand with a Canon SX 10 IS by Andis Kaulins
- strongly JPEGGED for the web -

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